Roy Emmett is his name and he is an author. I met Roy almost two years ago at a net-working event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. On a weekly basis, Roy gives his thirty second commercial with these words, “I am a writer and I write”.  Roy offers his writing services to anyone who wants to improve the copy of their promotional materials online or anywhere. When you listen to Roy, he is impressive.  He was obviously smarter than the average bear. He exudes a confidence and it never seems that he wants to sell you something.   Recently Roy announced that his newest book, Enslaved, was being published and could be ordered by the group members at an exclusive price.  I placed an order, received and read Enslaved. Reading Enslaved made me aware that the Roy Emmett that I know of, from the networking meetings, is only the tip of an iceberg of literary significance.

Enslaved is a historical action-adventure novel about the 1844 slave trade. The novel is a great read that is informative and very entertaining.  It is historically accurate with a fictional plot that is believable. Roy paints a vivid storyline that is realistic and shocking. He is truthful to the horrors of the slave industry. His honest details make odorous the inhumane conditions that perpetuated slavery. However, throughout the details and plot twists, this melodic message reverberates. “Even in the darkest night of despair, the hopeful heart can find reason to believe and work for the impossible”.

Enslaved is worth everyone’s consideration for these reasons. It presents historical information that needs to be remembered. It portrays the values of hope, determination and perseverance. These values spring from Roy’s very redemptive personal perspective. It challenges the reader to remember that when it seems that all is lost we must never give up. This is the message that is not unique to Roy Emmett or to his novel, Enslaved. It is, however, definitely a critically needed message today. I am proud to know Roy Emmett. He is making a profound impact with his life.

Thank you Roy, keep writing!


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