Today marks our 44th wedding anniversary.  Jean Hardee Jones married me and made me a happy man on January 13th 1973.  It’s hard to imagine all that we have experienced and enjoyed together since that day.  It goes without saying, I got the better end of the deal.  I’m not being self-demeaning, it’s just the truth.

Naturally, I wonder how we’ve been able to stay together and come so very far.

The thought that keeps returning to me is “Good wife, Happy Life.”  No, I didn’t mean to say “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.  I do know how popular that phrase is and I know how often it’s spoken in sarcasm by men who are actually trying to complain.  The years have taught me a better lesson and that’s: “Good Wife, Happy Life”

So today, I am thankful to God for a Good Wife.  Yes, He brought us together and He designed a woman that lives out His truth: “Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.” It makes no difference who the person is, or the circumstances. My loving wife is always going to go the “second mile” and more. As the primary benefactor of that gracious generosity, I am blessed with a Happy Life.


Happy Anniversary!

Jean Hardee Jones Richards