A Personal Introduction

I am the son of a Pearl Harbor survivor. I grew up in Surry County, VA and attended both public and private schools. I began my customer service experience early as a general store clerk where I did a little of everything for 5 years. I took out loans to pay my way thru college.  I earned an associate degree from Chowan University and a B.S. from Carson-Newman University. I married and graduated from Southern Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree.

I served in various ministerial capacities and churches for thirty five years.  I have natural gifts and instincts as a care giver. I have spent my entire life helping others That is my passion and primary goal when it comes to financial services.  It is simple.  I strive to help people find the financial products that are best suited to meet thier needs.  I work to see that they get approved and covered so that in the event of the unexpected tragedy they have resources.

I find my career very challenging and fulfilling.  If I could help you and your family with financial decisions please call on me.

Dennis Richards

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Dig a Well

I recently heard someone say, “dig a well before you're thirsty”. That makes sense!  Life could be better if we all did what made sense? It's not like we don't know that we're going to be thirsty day in and day out. We cannot live without water. Knowing we need to do...

What Will We Make Today?

Today, January 20th 2017 is Inauguration Day for the 45th President of the United State, Donald Trump. It is a historic day, a day of great transitions, celebration, hope, distress and protest.  It is a pivotal day, which will substantially determine our future as a...

Good Wife, Happy Life!

Today marks our 44th wedding anniversary.  Jean Hardee Jones married me and made me a happy man on January 13th 1973.  It's hard to imagine all that we have experienced and enjoyed together since that day.  It goes without saying, I got the better end of the deal....